A Free Applet for WebCams

15 December 2002

Version alpha 0.1.1

Project Admin:Paul Sidnell

What Is It?

It's a Java applet: A component that you can put in your web page that permits viewing of web cam images by dynamically reloading them at an interval you define. See below to understand what you need to do to use it in your own web pages.

Here you can find out:

How to set up for and use WebCamApplet.
See some examples.

Project Status

OS Browser JVM  
Linux Mozilla JPI-1.4.1 YES
  Netscape JPI-1.4.1 YES
Mac OS-X Netscape default YES
    JPI-1.4.1 YES
  Internet Explorer default YES
Windows Netscape JPI-1.4.1 YES
    default YES
  Internet Explorer JPI-1.4.1 YES
    default YES

If you have additional or conflicting experiences to the above, please let me know.

Go visit the SourceForge project site here.